For the love of making things!

I come from a small town overlooking the beautiful Chaleur Bay in northern New Brunswick, Canada. It is a picturesque area that just fills me with inspiration!

I decided to turn my passion into a business in 2005. I cannot believe it has already been this long!

You will notice that my design style is very eclectic; it ranges from elegant to rustic and hipster; a perfect reflection of my personality! I am a meticulous artist who pours her whole heart in each piece. My work is never rushed and is always a labor of love.

Although my favorite craft is jewelry making, glass works (especially with recycled wine bottle glass), and photography, I have many interests and enjoy diversifying. Depending on how I feel, I will dabble into such things as sewing, gourd carving, metal work and whatever else will get my creative juices flowing.

When I am not working at this and that, I enjoy and appreciate the little things in life; the things that often go unnoticed and are taken for granted, such as the salt-water perfume lingering in the air when the wind is just right, or the swishing sound of the leaves moving through a light breeze.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it!

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