Wire Flowers With Nail Polish

I'm working on a hair vine for my granddaughter.  She will be a flower girl in an upcoming wedding.  It's time to have lots of fun with making all kinds of adorable stuff!  

So, I've been experimenting with different ideas for hair pieces and am trying my hand at making wire flowers with nail polish petals.  The technique takes a bit of practice before the flowers don't look so messy, but I feel it's coming along nicely.  

Don't the flowers remind you of Hydrangeas?  I'm really loving the results!  You're probably thinking that they're really fragile, but actually I find them to be quite resilient once they're completely dried (I left them to dry for like 24 hours or more before handling them).

The best thing about this technique, is that you probably have a bunch of nail polish laying around the house just waiting to be used!  With that in mind, I opened up my cabinets and found a few awesome colors!  I think the sparkly finish is my favorite!  The creamy, mat finish is lovely too, but I prefer the sparkles for my hair piece.  

Don't you just love the bluish-turquoise color and the silver?  They're my favorites so far.

Notice in the 3rd photograph, I'm working on a few leaf designs. I think a little greenery might be something I'll add.. not sure yet.  The green color nail polish is mat, so I'm not really getting the look I want for my hair piece.  I'll try with a sparkly green later.

So, all you need to do is make some wire flowers, coat the petals with your favorite nail polish color, let it dry and voila, a beautiful little flower!  

My flowers are not complete, since they don't have centers.  I will be adding some delicate beads in the centers.  All you need to do is use a good clear glue and stick a flat back crystal or rhinestone to add some bling or you could always keep it low key and add a few little pearls, which is what I will do (I added a picture).

After making my little flowers, I taped them together like  little bouquets for the purpose of these pictures.  I am being inspired here!!  LOL!  Are you being inspired?  I hope so!  Have fun!

After seeing the flowers, my granddaughter got super excited (the girly girl that she is) and with that in mind, I thought I better make her something she can wear now.  So, I dug up this plastic comb from my never ending stock pile of stuff and I'll see what I can put together for her.  I'll post the finish picture later.

If you want a custom hair piece with similar little flowers, please contact me.  I would be pleased to design something for you!

Here are a few practice samples-

handmade nail polish flowers

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