My DIY Earwires in Sterling Silver

Since I began my journey as a jewelry designer (many years ago), I always handcrafted my earwires.  I just don't see the point of buying something if I can make it myself.  It seems to be a philosophy I have lived by since I can remember.

I tried different earwire styles, but in the end, I seem to always come back to two basic styles:  one with a ball and one without.   Depending on the earring design I will use either/or.  When my designs are more elegant, I will usually go with the plain style, without ball (see in the photograph below).

What I like about the earwires with ball is that you can also change the way it looks by flattening them out a bit.  See in the second photograph, on my washer earrings, I flattened the ball.  

How do I make the earwires with ball, you might ask.  Well, I use a torch to heat the tip of the wire until it forms a clumpy, ball-like shape.  It can take a bit of practice to get each ball approximately the same size.  I just love making these.  I think it's because of the interesting transformation that can so easily be achieved by using heat.

The earwires in the last photograph just came out of the tumbler and they're nice and shiny and ready to use with my new earring design.  I'll post a picture of the finished product. 

If you love designing jewelry and find that you just don't have the time to worry about making earwires, go to my website on the bottom left and click on the contact us botton.  You can choose to have them in sterling silver, argentium silver, gold filled or copper.

earwire types with ball and without

fish hook earwires handmade


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