New Earrings in Teal and Brown

In the previous post, I talked about diy earwires.  Today I'm showing you how I used the earwires in the design of a cute pair of earrings I just finished.

Some time ago, I had designed a fancy jewelry set for a friend of mine with the same gorgeous glass beads you see in the photograph below.  

This time, I thought I would use them in a more casual application; I just love the result!  The beads are so slippery it is difficult to hold them; a feature I really like, not to mention how awesome the color combination is!!  

You're probably thinking about the weight since they're glass, but in fact they're very lightweight.    

I don't have too many of these beads left and so earrings with these little gems are really limited.  Get them before someone else does!

Go here to purchase them as a gift to yourself or someone special!

teal earrings in sterling silver handmade

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