Copper Guitar Pick Bracelet in Progress

enameled pick bracelet in progress

raw copper pick cutout of metal sheet

I'm working on a unisex bracelet with a copper pick as the focal.  

In order to not obstruct the look of the pick, I decided that its  direction should be slightly on a diaganol  (notice the holes drilled for attaching the bracelet).

After many sketches, I finally decided on a pattern where I would fire mulitple overlapping layers of enamel with my torch.  One thing I love about torch firing on copper is how the copper turns different colors depending on the heat (You can actually "Flame Paint" the sheet with a torch- the results are amazing)!

I have yet to polish the piece; I want the exposed copper parts to have a mirror-like finish... at least that's what I want.  If I can attain it is another thing.  We shall see!

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